Eyelash Extensions

Lori Taylor is trained and certified by Daniel Phu Dinh of Lôngmi Lashes located in Beverly Hills, CA. Daniel is the first and only to obtain a U.S. Patented method for multiple-layered eyelash extensions. Lori attended a 3-Day training consisting of therory and practical training.

Eyelash Extensions are ideal for anyone who  would like to wake-up with thicker, longer, more defined lashes—no mascara  or eyelash curler necessary. Perfect for special occasions, tropical vacations, and everyday wear. Lori mixes lash extensions that vary in length, texture, and degree of curvature, to achieve your desired result.

What is the difference between the single-layer method (original technique) and the multi-layer method (patented technique)?
Eyelashes naturally grow in layers and it may be hard to separate the lashes to affix lash extensions. A lot of time trying to separate the natural lashes from one another can be time consuming and add up to a lot of wasted time. Consequently, if the lash extensions are not affixed properly, the result may not last long or be aesthetically pleasing.

FULL SET (approx. 2.5-3 hours)  $200
Utilizing hypoallergenic materials, a singular extension is attached lash by lash, allowing your own lashes to shed naturally (just as your hair does). As your lash sheds, so does the attached extension.

One Week Fill: $40
Two Week Fill: $60
Three Week Fill: $70

Removal of lashes $35
Removal of lashes done elsewhere $50


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